New Generation Pump PoS
Attended & Unattended

Convert Your Gas station or Retail to Unattended Self-checkout easily. Let your operations run 24/7 without operators. New and fast self-checkout experience for your customers, a must-have solution for Post Covid Era !

Enabler Forecourt Integrated

Modern & Easy To Use Point Of Sale (PoS)

Easy to Use

Switch Between Attended And Unattended

One PoS For All

All-in-one dashboard to manage daily operations at ease for both Pump and Retail, fully Integrated into one. Fully automated and integrated with Enabler Forecourt Backend. Greater Control over Drive Off and Incident Management Workflow. Live Price Updates, Price Display Feature. Good for gas station of any size. User Interface designed with Floating Screens for Cashier to manage sales with simple steps. User Friendly and Straight forward.

Fuel On-The-Go ( Fuel Pump Self-Checkout )

Post Covid era, a much-needed Unattended Self-Checkout at the Pump for fast fuel refill with multiple payment options for the customer. Simple 2 Steps self-checkout for the customer. Scan QR and Select Pump then Refill Fuel and Payment is made automatically. Safe and Secured Solution, a Soft PoS sitting in the Customer's Mobile App that works seamlessly. Other features includes Preset Volume or Price for easy fuel refill experience.

Car Detection & Customer Aware Solution

Going beyond the regular PoS, Neupos understands the customer and their behaviour. Well integrated with Artificial Intelligence with deep learning capability of having customer detection based on profiled car, a greater flexibility to manage queues, optimise loyalty points, and a Smart drive off management that goes beyond car plate number registration. Customer profile solution at pump gives greater flexibility for future NFC/Proximity solution for personalised customisation facilitating fast and seamless checkout, enhancing customer user experience.

2-in-1 hybrid system that changes between Attended and Unattended PoS for Fuel and Retail

First of its kind! Fuel and Retail PoS that switches between Attended or Unattended retail environment. Easy for cashiers to switch PoS to unattended mode should he/she need a toilet break or when he/she leaves the gas station unmanned during the night. NeuPoS list of solutions goes beyond your imagination. CCTV remote surveillance for better security, Customer crowd management and behaviour alerts, deny services for repeated offenders. Self-checkout Cigarette vending machines and AI Retail Machine. Full retail solution for non-barcoded inventory support, Weighing Scale, Single payment setup and access to nationwide outlets with one time customer registration.

Why Choose Us ?

Your Operators, Cashiers and Customers will love it , For reduced operations and increased sales and easy checkout experiences !

Faster Checkout

A dedicated self checkout counters for targeted audience. Unattended for pump and retail two in one.

Easy to Use

New and modern integrated with retail. Your operators will love it.

Integrated Backend

A single integrated backend for both Pump and PoS, With Stock management and sales insights.

Pre-Auth and Door Access Controls

Automate your door access with Pre-Auth integration. Let your shop operate safely during unmanned hours.

Remote surveillance Team 24/7

A cost effective remote surveillance team to monitor Security & Theft detection.

AI Powered

AI powered automation for car detection, customer behavior and prediction, Machine learning and sales predictive analysis.

What Customers Says

"A trial run from our Gas station and Retail has given huge positive customer feedback for Unattended solution , running our sales 24/7, with confidence. Our sales have increased over time, and we have reduced operating expenses of introducing self-checkout counters, automating Pumps and Retails unmanned"